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CMA Report Preparation

CMA Report Preparation

CMA Report Preparation

CMA (Credit Monitoring Arrangement) reports are special data reports used by Credit Agencies, Banks and Financial Institutions for granting loans or enhancing credit limit of business entities.
CMA reports are placed before financial institutions, to present them – the financial history of the business, the current financial position and the future objectives of business for which the application of finance has been made. takes your compliance headache of getting the CMA Report Preparation done with all due diligence. Hiring us for CMA Report Preparation will make you well rounded with all top business consultants simplifying your compiling efforts in CMA report preparation

Why CMA Report Preparation is to be done?

CMA Report Preparation by enterprises applying loans ensures banks about the effective use of previous funds allocated to the enterprise and for conducting analysis & evaluation of the further eligibility of the enterprise for issue of additional credit.
Business Enterprises require CMA Report Preparation for applying for project-oriented loans, long term loans and for enhancing working capital limits. Banks require these reports every year to ensure effective management of working capital.

For enterprises seeking credit, the CMA Report Preparation requires

  • Preparation of particulars for the existing credit & loans on the entity and disclosure of current fund & non-fund based liabilities.
  • Preparation of financials including operating statement, profit and loss account, balance sheet audit reports and other necessary revenue and analysis statements.
  • Preparation of working capital changes & ratio analysis.
  • Calculation of Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF).

What is required to be mentioned doing CMA Report Preparation?

Provided by the Reserve Bank of India, CMA Report is to be prepared by all banks and entities for granting further loans for business expansion or for enhancing the credit limit of entities. The format of CMA report is generally fixed which requires financial comparison, performance analysis and details of utilization sequence of credits of the past two years. In CMA Report Preparation;

  • All assumptions and estimations for the present and future requirement of finance in the business has to be disclosed.
  • Projections of assets should be made in the report according to the actual valuations and not based on assumptions.
  • The enterprises and the entrepreneurs should be able to justify the use of finance post credited and the figures provided in the CMA report are to be based on the audited financial statements only.
  • In-depth breakup of all the figures projected in the report is to be provided for better analysis.

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How it will work?

  1. You reach out to us for CMA Report Preparation We will put up our business professional to take up an analysis of your business financials and ask for the required documents for CMA Report Preparation .
  2. Information gathered and after all analysis by the professional, we will provide you with the drafted CMA report.
  3. Holding a final consultation and discussion with you, we will deliver the final CMA report for submission.
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