To ensure effective growth & development of each business entity, the Government of India has categorised different business units to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) to plan various subsidies, incentives and schemes for them individually. MSMEs through an MSMED Act (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Act) can avail numerous benefits as issued by Central or State Government or the banking sector for ease in their business activities. To avail these benefits MSME Registration is required and at Taxreturnwala facility of Online MSME Registration is available.

But to avail benefits like tax subsidies, power tariff subsidies, investment limitations, lower business credit interest rates, excise exemption etc these institutions have to get them compulsory registered under the MSMED Act. MSME Registration in India, asper present digital evolution is no where a tiring task as MSME can now be registered online with no much documentation required . The TaxReturnWala team of financial experts in all cases help you to file and apply for MSME Registration online with no extra effort and time lag.

The MSME is divided into an organizational setup as under


Possibilities With MSME

  • Engine of growth
  • It becomes easy to raise finances with fewer efforts and lesser interest rates
  • Procurement of Government tenders
  • Very easy to get Licenses, approvals and registrations on any field for your business.
  • Upto 50% subsidy for patent registration.
  • Protection against delay in payments from buyers and a right to claim interest on delayed payment
  • Stamp duty and octroi benefits
  • Concession in commercial/ industrial electricity charges
  • Easy dispute resolution by way of arbitration and conciliation measures
  • Subsidy on charges payable on ISO certification if approval granted
  • SEZ’s are required to allocate 10% space for SSI’s as a mandate
  • Special consideration on international trade fairs or exhibitions. and much more
  • Availability of infrastructure and technology at a low price
  • Support in product development, designing and packaging
  • Easy access to modern management practices and knowledge
  • Entrepreneurship development & skill up-gradation by appropriate training facilities

Who is responsible to act?

Primary responsibility of promotion and development of MSME is that of the state government, the government of India, in recognition of potential of these enterprises, has always taken proactive steps towards supplementing the efforts of the state government through different initiatives.

How did MSME gain importance?

The majorities of people in India live in rural areas and draw livelihood from agriculture and allied sectors. The Government of India is striving to improve the economic and social conditions of rural populations through creation of productive employment opportunities based on optimal use of local raw materials & skills thus in order to support the cause of basic livelihood of masses the inclination towards MSME is increasing with each passing day.

For easy execution of operations and an effective management the Government of India has Pursuant to MSME Act & Rules established

  • National board for MSME for reviewing the policies related to industrial development and
  • National Commission to work for the development of the unorganized and underdeveloped business enterprises


Investment ceiling for plant, Machinery or equipment.




Up to 25 lakhs

Less than 10 lakhs


Less than 25 lakhs, more than 5 crore

Less than 10 lakhs, more than 2 crore


Less than 5 crore, more than 10 Crore

Less than 2 crore, more than 5 crore

Is your Business Investment less than 10 Lacs *?

then Register as MSME (Micro Small & Medium Enterprises) @ 1999*/- and Explore the new world of possibilities

  • Processing government tender free of cost.
  • On ISO Certification.
  • Protection against delay in payment by buyer.
  • Right interest delayed payment by buyer.
  • Govt. Assistance in: Technology Upgradation, Raw Material, Infrastructure, Marketing.
  • SEZ Benefits.

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