Re-issuance of Income Tax Refund – How to Submit Request Online

Failure to receive a refund on the filing of your Income Tax Return? What are the probable causes? How it can be rectified? What is the time frame?


Taxpayers receiving a ‘ failure to issue refund ‘ mail for the applied refund by filing the Income Tax Return are given another chance by the department to reapply for the same. The taxpayer on the successful filing of ITR has to verify it before 120 days either by the online facility or by sending the ITR to the CPC center.


On successful receipt and processing of return, the department issues an Intimation under section 143 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (“IT Act”) to every assessee, which verifies the details as per rules and regulations. It is done on an arbitrary basis if any of the defects or mismatch found then assessee can rectify the same with the prescribed timeframe.

In some cases, refunds processed by the Assessing officer is rejected or fails on certain grounds, which are also reported to the taxpayer in the said Intimation. The reason could be either :


  • Non-linking of the bank account with PAN.
  • Closure of bank account linked with PAN.
  • Filling of incorrect bank details; as the case may be.


On receipt of mail from the department, the taxpayer is given another chance or is requested to correct the errors/defaults in return to claim the refund again.


If you have received a ‘Refund failed‘ email from the department, then in this post, you will get to know ‘How to place a separate request for ‘Reissue of Refund ‘’ online ?.


Requesting a Reissue of Refund 


Step 1: Locate to the official web portal of the Income-tax department and login with your PAN credentials.


Step 2: Go to My Account > E-filed Return Status.


Step 3: Check for the status of your Return.


If processed: Check for the reason for failure.

If discrepancies found in return: Check for readjustments & errors and file a revised return.


Step 4: Once the error is identified, check for the possible solutions



Step 5: Click on ‘Submit Refund Reissue ‘.


Step 6: Place ‘New Request ‘ as the Request type and ‘Refund Reissue ‘ as Request category.


Step 7: Submit your response statement if requested for or else add a new bank account and pre-validate it.


Step 8: Submit the Request.


To track the request placed, located to

My Account > Service Request. 

Remember : 

– Until the reason for refund failure is not known or shown on the portal, you cannot claim for a reissue of refund.

Bank details can be updated only in case the return has been processed and the refund was failed. 

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