QR Code (known as “Quick Response Code”) which is readable by machine and it provides the information about the particular item to which it is attached. Users can scan the image of the QR Code and connect to a wireless network or open a web page with the help of this Code. QR Code is encoded in four modes which are as follows:-

  1. Numeric
  2. Alphanumeric
  3. Byte/Binary and
  4. Kanji (Japanese writing system)

QR Code consists of black squares arranged on a white background which is read by a camera device. The QR Code has become one of the most useful two-dimensional codes.

Uses of the QR Codes

QR Code is easily scanned by the or the Smartphone’s and it provides a way to access a brand’s website. QR Code is usually used for:

  • For Transferring, money:- for transfer of money QR Code is necessary for digital payments. By using QR Code money is instantly transferred to other persons bank account or digital payment wallet.
  • By Banking sector: – The banking sector also receives the payments through QR Code. The user gets the PIN from bank. On the basis of such PIN generation, the bank completes the process of payments.
  • By Manufacturing Company:- QR Codes are used in manufacturing companies for getting information about products like trade name, batch number and the serial number of the items.
  • Entertainment Sector:- QR Code is used in many entertainment places like movie shows, dance shows or passes of events or parties. Visitors can access by using these codes.

Feature of the QR Code

  • QR Code takes small space and it can also be printed and used anywhere by the user.
  • It saves the users time because through QR Code automated capture of data can be done with 100% accuracy.
  • It eliminates errors like product batch number and serial number etc. 

Benefits of the QR Code

  • With the help of QR Code users easily trace the location where the code has been scanned.
  • It is beneficial both for the customers and the businesses to find related information on the products.
  • With the help of the QR Code, customers get wider information about the products or the related things on the website.
  • QR Code contains greater information such as price, batch number of products, etc.
  • Such a QR Code is scanned anywhere or anytime with the help of mobile phones, it also saves time for the users.

  Limitations of the QR Code

  • It demands high maintenance cost which is related to the access of information or in case the QR Code is not working properly.
  • Everyone is not available with an internet or wifi connection all the time to access the information.
  • Many problems are faced with the QR Code such as blurring, washed out, scratched and poor prints, etc.

Procedure to generate QR Code

Payment with QR Code

If anyone wants to make payment by using QR Code one has to make sure that they have a bank account. Bank account links with the QR Codes such as BHIM UPI or Paytm or phone pay etc. 

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