Bar Code is a square or rectangular image consisting of a series of parallel black lines with white spaces in the background. It can be read by a scanner, laser scanners, and barcode reader machine. Bar Code generally affixed to retail store items, identification cards, games, and other products.

Bar Code is storing numbers that are printed in a way that a computer can easily read.

Kinds of Bar Code

  • 1D dimensional Bar Code: – 1D Bar Codes are a series of lines that are used to store text or information such as product type, size, and color.
  • 2D dimensional Bar Code: – 2D Bar Code contains more information such as the price, quantity, and other product-related details.

Bar Code Standards

  • Uniform Product Code (“UPC”):-Used by retail stores for tracking products like biscuits, Jam and Butter, etc.
  • Codabar: – Used in libraries and blood banks.
  • Interleaved 2 of 5:- used in shipping and warehouse industries.
  • Bookland: – Used on book covers for International Standard Book Standard (“ISBN”)
  • Maxicode: – Used by the parcel services.

Registration for Bar Code

To register a Bar Code the following procedure has to follow:-

  • Visit the portal of GS1 India (
  • Fill the required application form for obtaining bar code registration.
  • Fill up the additional details such as product number, serial or batch number and the MRP of the product.
  • Submit the proof of identity and address of the applicant.
  • Copy of PAN card or the ownership papers where the place of business is situated.
  • On successful registration, authority issues the bar code to the applicant.

Benefits of Bar Code:-

  • The user easily gets the information that is related to the products.
  • It saves the users time because through bar code automated capture of data can be done with 100% accuracy.
  • It eliminating errors like exact serial number, batch number, etc, scanned through bar code reader.

Disadvantages of Bar Code

  • Scratched or blurred Bar Code creates lots of problems for the user.
  • It requires expensive printers or devices to print the bar code.
  • It demands high maintenance if the bar code does not work in a proper manner to ensure that the bar code mechanism works in a  systematic manner.

Generally by using bar code businesses can save time and money. It can also help people who use the bar code to identify duplicate and fraudulent products. Thus, Bar Code provides security and safety to the users.

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