Can a Domain Name Be Trademarked?

Relate yourself with process you follow when accessing the Google Maps “The Navigator” searches desired destination. So unless desired destination is registered as trademark, (domain name),  the same will not be accessible worldwide.

What do you mean by Domain Name??

Domain name is the unique identifier of one or more IP addresses assigned to a web page URL with no legal ownership if not registered as trademark.

Which agency can be look upon to help in domain matters?

The administrative agency authorized is ICANN which maintains the internet database. Addresses to the Internet Web Servers are assigned and managed through the Domain Name System (DNS) under the guidance of ICANN.


Domain name if satisfies the laid regulations for registering trademarks can make an Application for Domain Registration to ICANN [Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers], proving it to be an unambiguously unique domain and to get  all legitimate Rights and Authorities as enjoyed by registered trademark owner.

New Indian Entrepreneur urge for online trading:

With India marching towards cashless economy the startups entrepreneur are making Online trading  a core platform to transact and expand business. This basically creates a need to own a domain name which directly brings their Brand/ Product to the mind of the customer.

What benefits the entrepreneur gets?

  • The sole reason behind naming Domain Interlink to one’s Business name is to easily available on Internet address sites for the common people. Domain name should be designed in such a way that it link user’s mind to the concerned product / brand instantly in which the business deals. For example McD’s domain name will give our mind direction about one of the Burger dealer.
  • Domain Service providers gives email addresses linked with the Domain name to set up interconnection between business and its daily users such as  employees a unique identification for the people to rely easily on receipt of any email from such domain linked Email addresses.


To protect against domain squatting cyberattack , simple steps to be followed:

  1. Get registration of Business Domain Name assigned under Trademark Act 1999 and Trade Mark Rules 2002.
  1. Sign up with Trademark Clearing House to get alert if any person trying to get similar Business Domain Name of yours.
  1. File an application of claim in case of fraud/infringement noticed as a owner of registered trademark.

Domain name which are similar to popular one’s gets an advantage because as a consumer there are chances to misinterprete with similar spellings name resulting in loss or  cheated by unpopular/ fake business owners, which we experience in our daily lifestyle frequently. The only rescue to claim is if registered under Trademark Act, 1999.

So to get your business accessed securely all over world,  you just need a “Face Card” called Trademark of your Domain name. Thus, a well-protected domain name is definitely booster for worldwide prominence, security and growth of a business making it advisable to register and own.