Startup journey of Women Entrepreneurs – A Govt. of India initiative

Isn’t it a good-news to be welcomed that the Government is going to do something which will be highly beneficial for women entrepreneurs?

Well to bring more women into the ambit of startup businesses, the Government of India will soon come out with a small startup program in which women entrepreneurs will be offered with capital for setting up business and guide them in this direction. The focus of the said program will be on women in technology.

According to sources, the program would focus on three core areas of the startup journey for women entrepreneurs:

  • Provide ease to prospective women entrepreneurs in interacting with the startup incubators
  • Facilitate the women entrepreneurs to connect with more mentors.
  • Organize separate rounds for women where they get a chance to present their views.

At initial level, the target will be for 10 cities which will include metros as well as cities like Pune, Jaipur etc. Also the government is holding discussions with industry bodies like NASSCOM and IAMAI to bring in various perspectives for the same.

A study was conducted which revealed that at least four out of five women respondent would like to start a business. But the most commonly cited reasons which prevents women from setting up their business are-

  • Constraint of family responsibilities or commitments
  • Lack of access to finance
  • Worry over personal financial security
  • Having an idea but not knowing where to get started

Electronics and IT Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said at a Facebook event that the Government. is hoping to roll out the program by April 1, 2017. It would surely be one of the best thing if the unused potential of women entrepreneurs be utilized by providing them support thereby creating jobs. This will resultantly enhance economic growth. And thus it will be a stepping stone for all those women who want to start their own business but are unable to do so.