Small Enterprise Network (SENET)

India is a developing country, which recognizes the need to develop in terms of knowledge, skills, and technology.  The small enterprises which have continuous updation are required for the

Small Enterprise Information & Resource Network also known as SENET is a knowledge portal designed as a single stop source to inform and educate users in respect of the SSI sector.

The SENET has been brought into force to make sure resources and guidance is provided to make sure that the following objectives are achieved:

  • To pioneer, create and promote a web-based database for the benefit of SSIs.
  • To promote awareness amongst the entrepreneurs about the latest regulations brought by the government.
  • To help and establishing a common electronic network for small and medium enterprises and other users directly or indirectly in the promotion and development of Small Scale Sector, national or international level.
  • To promote an alliance between the information providers and the information seekers.


The Beneficiaries of the SENET project are as follows:

  • Potential & existing Entrepreneurs
  • Small Enterprise Promotion Agencies
  • Associations
  • Researchers
  • Policymakers
  • Students

As a part of the SENET project, the MSME DO online is operative with unique features, guiding and assisting the different beneficiaries and a timely basis publishes useful data and publications.

Features of Portal

  • A single platform to inform and educate users in respect of the Small Scale Industries.
  • Such a portal identifies its potential and existing entrepreneurs, associations, researchers and students as users.
  • The portal is designed in a professional and decent look and is user friendly
  • Portal is updated on a day-to-day basis
  • The portal is very simple and the general English language is used.
  • Registered user’s management is maintained and updated.
  • All the major events, newsletters, notifications, and feedback are centrally managed. Chat programs are being held from time to time and the message board is open for discussions.


SENET is now a part of the International SME Network (“INSME”)
headquartered in Italy.

SENET Network

The network comprises of electronic ‘nodes’. Such a network is comprised of:

  • Technology Nodal Centres (“TNCs”) and
  • User Centres (“us”).

The main node has the following features:

  • Overall control and implementation of forging linkages and alliances.
  • Network operations and Control of Processing and storage of databases.
  • Assigning and commissioning projects.
  • Training and HRD.
  • Publications and document supply services.

TRC and its Assistance for SSI

The Technology Resource Centre (TRC) is established to help and guide the SSI units in the following manner:

  • To help SSI units that are interested to upgrade or modernize their technology.
  • To provide information on technology like State of the art technology, technology generally used and traditional technology, list of suppliers of machinery & raw material, Quality standards, availability of consultants, etc enabling the entrepreneurs to upgrade technology
  • To conduct programs on technology transfer by inviting technology providers and seekers at a single platform.

SENET information Module

  • Yellow Pages
  • Project Profiles
  • Clusters
  • Publications
  • Directory
  • Bibliography
  • Policies and Schemes
  • Rules and Procedures
  • Periodicals
  • Circulars and Notifications
  • Trade Reports
  • Full-text documents


The officials for any queries or information related can be reached as under:

Office Address:

SENET O/o DCSSI SIDO Room No 735, 7th Floor Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-110011


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