My company is denying me of maternity leave, what can I do

Female Maternity Leave Allowance (FMLA) is a central right provided by the government to female

. A female employee applying for FMLA to the employer cannot be denied of her right if an application for it, is placed in a well framed and in a legally complied format.


It is necessary to notify the employer at least 30 days before taking such leave, which will provide him sufficient time to fill the vacancy with a temporary placement.


If after all condition’s and situations placed, if the company still denies permitting maternity leave to the female employee, then seeking the help of a legal consultant is the only required option left she is left with.


Who is eligible to claim Maternity Leave?


The Maternity Benefit Act (Amendment Act ),2017 limits an employer to deny maternity leave to a female employee if

– She has worked for more than 80 days for the employer or in the company in the past 12 months

– She has adopted a child of age below 3 months (entitled for 12 months leave)

– She is a surrogate or commissioning mother (entitled for a leave of 12 weeks).

– She had experienced miscarriage (entitled for a leave of 6 weeks on a well-approved doctor prescription )

– She is experiencing ill health caused due to pregnancy, delivery or premature delivery of a child (entitled for a leave of 1 month).

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Here in this article, we listed out some common suggestions and legal remedies available to female employees in case the company denies them of there right of maternity leave.



  • Complain to Labour Commissioner: It’s better to reach the labor department of your district and report the situation with labor commissioner. Having utmost authority to guide, the labor commissioner will himself contact the employer/company or will issue a statement to him related to the concern. Most of the employer at this situation repents from denying the maternity leave.


  • Take help of a Legal Professional: In case the employer still denies for maternity leave, with a supportive statement of labor commissioner or labor department, an employee can even take the assistance of a lawyer to send a legal notice or to drag the employer to the court.


  • File a suit in labor court: It is suggested to go for the assistance of an employment lawyer who deals with matters related to labor grievances with employers. Any female employee with a due following of provisions of the maternity benefit act can file a suit against the employer in the labor court with the help of an employment lawyer.


Maternity benefit is allowed to all female employees working in factories, mines, shops and all other types of establishments which employs 10 or more employees. No employer can deny for maternity leave but if still, the situation persists, above-stated remedies can be applied.


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