Income Tax Challan Payment 2023

Several tax payments are annually obliged on the taxpayer to be made to the Income tax department including payment for self-assessment tax, advance tax, TDS deducted by the employer, TCS collected, equalization levy, or even some amount of penalty levied for breach of provisions of the Income-tax Act, 1961. To provide an assured and safe medium to the taxpayers for making all such payments, the tax departments provide for the facility of generation of the Income Tax Challan.

The Income tax payment challan allows taxpayers to make payments directly to the tax department’s account with a complete automated receipt generation and response system. To make payments through Income Tax Challans 280, 281, or other forms, we have drafted the below post to provide you with a quick overview of the utility of these tax challan forms online.

Income Tax Challan Payment 2023

For taxpayers, an Income tax challan is an essential tool to report the cause of their tax payment and to make prompt payment of their tax dues to the department. For all taxpayers, there are different payment modes including net banking, credit card, or debit card provided for payment of advance tax, TDS, self-assessment tax, STT, and equalization levy to the department through the use of Income tax challan.

Income tax paid by an Individual or a Company as per the Income tax rules can be done through the use of the Income Tax Challan No. 280. The Income Tax Challan 280 facilitates tax payment payable on account of self-assessment, regular assessment, advance tax, and even for the payment of any penalty or surcharge payable to the department. All taxpayers are required to pay their Challan within 15 days after its generation and before the due date of its actual liability for payment under the Income-tax rules to avoid penalties and consequences.

Generation of Income Tax Challan Online 

For the generation of an Income Tax challan, an Individual taxpayer has to provide details about PAN Number, the relevant assessment year and the type of payment to be made.

An Income Tax Challan can be generated on the Income Tax Portal through the selection of the appropriate Challan number. The amount of tax payable through challan can be entered manually or through the selection of payment through Challan while filing the tax form for payment of the due tax or penalty.

On proper submission of the amount payable, the Income Tax Challan Page redirects to the payment gateway options where payment can be completed and a Challan receipt shall be generated in which we can see the BSR Code and Challan Serial number.

Types of Challans for Tax Payment

A taxpayer can use the below Challan forms to make different tax payments online :

  1. Challan 280:For making payment of regular tax payments by individuals or entities including self-assessment or advance tax. 
  2. Challan 281: For making payment of Tax deducted at Source (TDS) or Tax Collected at Source (TCS) by Corporate or non-corporate entities.
  3. Challan 282: For payment of Securities transaction tax, Wealth tax, Gift tax, or other direct taxes.
  4. Challan 283: For making payment of Banking Cash Transaction Tax or Fringe Benefits tax.
  5. Challan 284: For making payment of tax payable in cases of undisclosed foreign income and assets.
  6. Challan 285: For making payment of Equalization levy charged.
  7. Challan 26QB: For making payment of TDS Deducted on purchase of Immovable property.
  8. Challan 26QC: For making payment of TDS deducted on account of rent receipt on property.
  9. Challan 26QD: For making payment of tax deducted while making payments to contractors or professionals.

The Income tax payment Challan 280 is one of the most essential forms for making payment of Income tax by Individuals and corporates annually.

Modes of Payment of Income Tax Challan on E-Filing Portal 

Making payment for Individual Income tax through an Income Tax Challan form is easy as the department offers multiple e-payment gateway options to make payment of their tax dues while they use net banking or other e-payment options. For making payment of Income tax due for the financial year, the following modes of payment can be used for making payment of Income tax Challan:

  1. Net Banking
  2. Credit Card
  3. Debit Card
  4. NEFT / RTGS

The list of authorized banks with which you can make payment for your Income tax payment challan online is provided on the Official NSDL Portal Page. The Challan for payment can also be placed before these banks and manual payment entry will be done through these authorized banks.


What to do if an Income Tax Challan is generated with the wrong amount?

If a challan is generated with the wrong amount and is not paid – It can be canceled online and can be regenerated with the correct amount.

If Challan with the wrong amount is paid online – You can contact your Jurisdictional Assessing officer reporting the error and request correction.

If the Challan is paid at the bank manually – It can be rectified within 7 days of payment with the bank.

Is it necessary to keep a hard copy of Challan after payment?

Once a tax payment challan is paid, it is advisable to keep a hard copy of it along with keeping the payment slip or the Challan Identification receipt generated on payment.

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