What Protection Does Copyright Provides?

Copyright Protection

Right of Copyright Owner

• 1. Your logo, style, font, get-up, color, scheme of your brand name cannot be copied by any other business firm.

• 2. The registration certificate is valid for lifetime of the Proprietor of the brand name.

• 3. If the Copyrighted work is infringed it is a cognizable offence i.e. one can directly file a police complaint to stop the misuse of the work.

• 4. If the Copyrights Registration is done, the complaint / civil suit can be filed at the place where the owner of the Copyright is situated.

For Example: if you are situated at Mumbai and some other person is copying your brand name at, say New Delhi.

You can file a case at Mumbai. The person who has infringed your brand name will have to appear at the court at Mumbai.

• 5. To reproduce the work in any material form including the storing of it in any medium including electronic means.

• 6. To perform or communicate the work to public.

• 7. To make any cinematographic film or sound recording in respect of the work.

• 8. To make any translation of the work.

• 9. Sell or give on hire, any copy of the computer program

How to publicize my claim to Copyright?

All copyright work should be marked with the International Copyright symbol ©, “All rights reserved” or with the word Copyrights, the name of the owner and the date or year the work was created, thus: © BMC 2009. “All rights reserved