Which kind of businesses are most effected if they miss to register their brand?

Be it a businessman or an individual entrepreneur, the most important thing is to protect your company or start up name. A brand or trademark name is the root of the any company. Consider a scenario where another company opens up with your brand name .To avoid these things it is very important to register your logo or sign. As we already now, trademark registration is done under Trademark Act 1999, it gives sole ownership of the logo or brand name.

Business like Sales and advertisement entities, are most affected as you can loose your sales if another company opens with your business name. One should always be 100 percent sure that their logo or name is a protected name by registering it with the law and no one can use it.

Almost every  corporate entity  is affected by trademark registration. Brand acts as a very effective tool for communicating the all the attributes about a company .The global market is so much full of multiple service providers and corporate entities, so it’s very much required to distinguish from your competitors.

It is very important for all corporate owners as it stands as a direct proportion to your business success. A brand name is a calling card for your company. The basic motto is to protect you against fraudulent cases, unnecessary competition etc.

Also, in cases when you want to sell your company to someone else. For registered cases, you can easily hasten up your work .One can only sell those things which they own and complete ownership legally is only proven by registration. Also, the future buyer will insist on purchasing all the relevant licenses and documents to procure the complete company.

Companies who need to invest in branding and promotion mostly are affected if they miss their brand registration. Usage of R logo gives more impression and reliability and customer attention. One important thing to note is that registration in India is valid in India only.

All the big brands like google, yahoo, facebook etc have legally registered their brand. So, why worry about all these troubles when you can easily register your brand online. Having a brand name is an added benefit to your business growth plan. But having a registered brand name consistent with your business strategy will definitely help your business scale heights.

Today the whole world is connected by the internet .There is a lot of scope for new opportunities. People around the globe are increasing their market .In these scenarios, it’s your brand name which helps you in bringing more work and money. In a nutshell, everyone is affected by missing legal brand registration.