Filling a GST challan is as easy as filling out a response form at the convenience of your house. But firstly,


Every individual, whether he/she is registered or not, makes a GST payment on behalf, is required to generate a payment challan on the GST portal. This form is basically available and generated in the Form pertaining to PMT-06 on the common portal.

Knowing what a GST CHALLAN is, let’s pop into the methods through which you can pay a GST challan.

Online payment methods:

  1. Internet banking through your authorized bank.
  2. NEFT and RTGS through an authorized bank

Run through of paying online:

  1. Individuals can pay to opt for payments with or without logging in to the GST portal.
  1. There is a curated list of banks that the GST portal allows people to pay from. They must opt for a suitable bank and make payment online using a card or net banking instantly.
  2. After the payment, the electronic cash ledger gets updated instantly. If the taxpayer generates challan without logging in, then he/she must ensure to finish the payment immediately.

Offline payment methods:

  1. Over the counter through an authorized bank.

Run through of playing offline:

  1. Offline options include cheque, DD, cash, NEFT, or RTGS.
  2. One of these modes is usually chosen when a taxpayer’s bank is not reflected in the net banking list.
  3. He/she can pay through these modes upon generating the GST challan, before or after logging in to the GST portal.
  4. Take a hard copy of the same, fill in depositor and instrument details, sign, and submit it to the bank to complete the payment.

The primary thing to bear in mind is that while you pay through over-the-counter procedures, the amount should not exceed Rs. 10,000 per challan per tax period.


  1. Login to the website.
  2. Enter the required login details as asked. This mainly holds information like your username, password, and verification procedures.
  3. You will be taken to a tab where you can find the CREATE CHALLAN option. Click on the former option.
  4. Re-enter the GSTIN/Other ID for the Challan Generation field and click on the ‘PROCEED’ button.
  5. You will firstly be directed to something called a create challan, saved challan, and challan history page containing three tabs.
  6. Fill in the amount in the fields either Inder the tax, penalty, interest, and more. Under the tax category, fill in which tax does your challan moderate to.
  7. After filling in all the necessary information, save the current tab. This action will further take you to the “saved challan” category. After your challan is successfully saved, you would get a confirmation pop-up code above.
  8. When you would want to fulfill the payment, you will have to select the edit option in the saved challan tab. After which, you will be presented with the three payment options as discussed above. Select the payment option at your convenience.
  9. Select the generate challan option. You will be presented with a challan successfully generate an automated message on the screen by which you know your challan was generated favorably.
  10. The already filled challan will be displayed.
  11. Slept the net banking option on the left-hand side of your screen. Select your preferred bank. Tick off the terms and conditions box gave right below. After finishing up the above checklists, finally, select the make payment option.
  12. You will receive a pop-up reading challan successfully generated. Download this document for further references

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