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India in the last few years has observed a significant increase in the number of Women entrepreneurs. This might be on account of different policy measures granted to Women entrepreneurs in the business ecosystem by the Government and extension in their business through different credit and entrepreneurial schemes. While there are certain schemes which fulfill the credit needs of Women held startups but more than financial support, there is a need for embracement in the skills and technical know-how of doing business.

Also, Networking and mentorship are crucial aspects that women entrepreneurs require in their journey to grow their businesses. Recognizing the unique challenges and needs faced by women entrepreneurs, the Indian government initiated the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP), a specialized platform designed to provide women entrepreneurs with the right support, guidance, and direction needed to compete in their respective fields. The WEP offers women entrepreneurs a range of resources and opportunities, including access to networks, mentorship programs, funding options, and training workshops, to help them prosper and scale their businesses effectively.

Women Entrepreneurship Platform 

The NITI Aayog partnering with SIDBI announced the launch of a special platform titled Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) –  https://www.wep.gov.in/ which will onboard around 2.5 lakh women entrepreneurs to help them provide direct benefits of financial, policy, and support assistance in their entrepreneurship journey.

WEP will help Women entrepreneurs to receive advisory and business assistance from more than 500 enterprise partners. The platform will enable these entrepreneurs to take advantage of the multiple resources required by them for their business promotion, marketing, and conducting offline events.

The platform will be managed by Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME), a non-profit entity promoting entrepreneurship in India. The idea of WEP was conceived in 2017, and it was created to work on 6 six key areas in the business journey of Women entrepreneurs handling :

  1. Community and Network Requirements
  2. Funding and Financial Assistance
  3. Acceleration and Incubation Needs
  4. Compliance and Tax Management
  5. Skill Education of Entrepreneurs
  6. Mentorship and Marketing Assistance.

The platform works on 3 idols Iccha Shakti, Gyaan Shakti, and Karma Shakti for building entrepreneurship routes for Women business owners. The Iccha Shakti support is provided to entrepreneurs with a zeal to have their own business and comes up with an idea to have an offering through some business. The Gyaan Shakti Support is provided to empower women entrepreneurs through knowledge and a supportive environment to embrace their entrepreneurial skills.

The Karma Shakti support is provided to extend financial aid and hands-on support to women for scaling their businesses.

Services Offerings and Resources 

The WEP provides the most required financial assistance to women entrepreneurs for their diversified needs through the platform. It will also bring a network of emerging, successful, and outperforming entrepreneurs to entry-level entrepreneurs. The fund assistance shall be provided through different government funds and schemes like Startup India Scheme, and Mudra Yojana Scheme.

WEP aims to provide a robust ecosystem to all women entrepreneurs to extend support and resources to start throughout their entire business cycle right from ideation to growth.

Through the Women Entrepreneurship Platform, the government also aims to bring ease in the mindset of women entrepreneurs to break down their traditional barriers. It will empower them with an achiever mindset by listing their idea on the platform and honoring them with the Nari Shakti awards. The assistance chores of the platform include :

Women’s Entrepreneurship Platform will play a significant role in creating awareness among women to raise the bar in their entrepreneurship journey. With the support of numerous regulatory resources and schemes, the platform will empower countless women to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

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