Different Types of ITR

Types Of ITR

  • What are the Different Types of ITR Forms?
  • There are up to nine types of income return forms
  • We have divided this article into two part
Part-1 is ITR of Individuals Part-2 is ITR for Non-Individuals


Part-1 ITR for Individuals


(For individuals having income from salaries, one house property, other  sourses etc.)

You can use this form if you earn through ANY of the following means

  1. Salary
  2. Pension
  3. Profit or loss from One House Property
  4. Other income (not from lottery, winning or rare horses)
  5. Any exempted income ( Agriculture income not more than 5000 )
  • ITR-2

(For individuals and HUF, having income from business or Profession and capital gain and who hold foreign assets )

Use the form ITR 2 if you earn through ANY of the following means

  1. Income from salary/ Pension
  2. Income from House Property. The house property can be more than one.
  3. Share of profits or partner from a partnership firm
  4. Capital gain/loss on sale of any investment or property
  5. Income from other sources . You can include the income from lottery, winning and race horse.
  6. Exempt income such as EPF, PPF, insurance, and agriculture income. In this form, you can report the agriculture income of more than ₹5,000.
  7. Clubbed income of family member. The income of the family member should be any of the above categories
  8. Any Foreign income/Foreign Asset
  • ITR-3

(for individuals and  HUF having income from a proprietary business or profession)

Use ITR 3 if you earn through the Number 1 and any of the following sources

  1. Income from proprietary business or profession (mandatory)
  2. Salary /Pension
  3. Profit & loss from one or more house property
  4. Capital gain / loss on sale of any investments or property
  5. Other income (including lottery, winning & race horse )
  6. Any exempt income
  7. Any foreign income / asset
  8. Share of profit or partner from partnership firm
  • ITR-4

ITR-4 Presumptive business income tax return

Use ITR 4 if you earn through any of the following sources

  1. Income from presumptive business
  2. Salary/Pension
  3. Profit & loss from one house property
  4. Other income (not from lottery , winning or race horses )
  5. Any exempted income

Part-2 ITR for Non- individuals 

  • ITR-5

The ITR-5 form is to be used by only by the following entities for filing income tax returns

  1. Firms
  2. Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  3. Body of Individuals (BOIs)
  4. Association of Persons (AOPs)
  5. Co-operative Societies
  6. Artificial Judicial Persons
  7. Local Authorities
  • ITR-6

ITR-6 form is to be used only by companies except those companies or organizations that claim tax exemption as per Section 11.

  • ITR-7

ITR-7 income tax form is to be filed by individuals or companies

Section 139(4A) Returns to be filled by the individuals who receive income from any charity or religion in the form of a trust or legal obligation

Section 139(4B) Returns are to be filed by political parties

Section 139(4C)

  1. Any institution or association mentioned under Section 10(23A)
  2. Any institution mentioned in Section 10(23B)
  3. Any news agency
  4. Any fund, medical institution or educational institution

Section 139(4D) Returns are to be filled by colleges, universities or any other such institution

  • ITR-8

ITR-8 is for Individuals who have no any income but only has Fringe Benefits

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