File easy Trademark : 8 Minutes 8 Forms that’s all you need

To the most required amendment, Indian Government on 6th March 2017 proposed a defined verdict on a need to rewrite the official trademark registration rules. The new changes would be portioned to Trademark Registration Rules, 2017 and will work up for reducing paperwork and procedural delays for e-filing.

Healing down old price rules:

For new trademark applicants (including individuals and startup firms) e-filing would now cost around Rs 4500 being discounted by 10% than manual paper submission, also issuing new price base for renewal & rectification firms would now be rendered an operational ease in trademark accessibility.

trademark registration rules

Fee amount scripted by new Trademark Registration Rules 2017:

  1. For applying for expedited process of application Rs 20000 to be charged to individuals and start-ups, while Rs 40000 for others
  2. E-rectification Rs 2700, while Rs 3000 for a physical application.
  3. For e-renewal Rs 9000, while Rs 10000 for manual application.
  4. For e-filing of Search Certificate Rs 9000, while Rs 30000 for the expedited application.

Simplifying standard procedures:

 To ease up new trademark applications, the sum of forms would now be counted to only 8 in number having all relevant columns and government declarations required. Striving through more than 60 forms earlier, hurdled major applicants failing in their first-time registrations.

 Scaling Digital response:

 To expedite the trademark application process new rules would essentialize email connect with all applicants for documents, service notices & statement sharing. Re-framing the expedited process policy, it will now be extended to registration stage following further than examination stage earlier. For sound marks sharing a 30-second mp3 clip through digital video conferencing has also been added scaling digital working of a trademark application.

Time bound results:

 Time call for a registered trademark was settled to be completed within 1 to 2 months of application in Jan 2017, with new trademark registration rules time scale for renewal and rectification has also been improvised to be filed out in 6 months prior to expiration period of existing TM with a TM-R Form specified.