HSN and SAC Codes Decoded: Your TaxReturnWala Guide to GST Compliance

In this comprehensive guide provided by TaxReturnWala.com, we will unlock the mystery of HSN and SAC codes, providing you with expert guidance to ensure GST compliance and avoid costly penalties.

Understanding HSN Codes: The Global Language of Goods

The Harmonised System of Nomenclature (HSN) is a universal language for classifying goods, developed by the World Customs Organization. It assigns a unique 6-digit code to over 5000 products worldwide, ensuring a standardized method of classification. In India, an enhanced 8-digit HSN system is embraced for increased precision.

The benefits of using HSN codes are manifold. They streamline international trade statistics, provide clarity and consistency in product identification, and facilitate accurate tax calculation and compliance. With 21 sections, 99 chapters, 1,244 headings, and 5,224 sub-headings, the HSN system offers a detailed classification structure.

For businesses reporting HSN codes in their GSTR-1:

– Businesses with turnover up to Rs 5 crore should use 4-digit HSN codes.

– Businesses with turnover above Rs 5 crore should use 6-digit HSN codes.

– Importers and exporters should use 8-digit HSN codes.

-Services- 6-digit SAC Codes

Failure to correctly report or missing HSN codes can attract a penalty of INR 50,000 under the GST Act.

Decoding SAC Codes: A Shortcut to GST Compliance

The Service Accounting Code (SAC) is India’s solution for classifying services under the GST regime. Issued by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC), SAC simplifies GST filing by providing a concise code that eliminates the need for lengthy service descriptions.

The structure of SAC codes involves 99 codes common for all services, followed by 2 digits for major nature and 2 digits for detailed nature. This breakdown ensures a systematic classification of various services, making it easier for businesses to comply with GST regulations.

Finding HSN/SAC Codes with TaxReturnWala.com

To simplify the process of finding HSN and SAC codes, TaxReturnWala.com advises users to access the user-friendly platform of www.gst.gov.in with expertly curated lists for various business needs. You can visit the GST Portal and navigate to ‘Services‘ > ‘User Services’ > ‘Search HSN Code.’ Effortlessly enter the HSN code or a description of the goods/services, and access a comprehensive list of codes for easy identification.

Examples of HSN/SAC Codes in Action

Understanding how HSN and SAC codes work in practical scenarios is crucial for businesses. For instance:

– Leather Shoes (HSN Code): 6403 (Chapter 64 – Footwear, Heading 03)

– Legal Services (SAC Codes): 998211 (Criminal law advisory), 998212 (Other law fields)

These examples showcase how products and services can be accurately classified using the respective codes.

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