Udyam Registration

Accounting for the undebatable fact that the overall economic growth of an economy largely depends on the small and medium-sized businesses, the government had previously launched Udyog Aaaadhaar registration. This online registration allowed the budding entrepreneurs to avail of a wide array of advantages falling under the MSME schemes of the Indian government. This registration provided businesses with a recognition certificate and a unique number to certify the micro, small and medium enterprises operating in India.

The Government of India has now rebranded the Udyog Aaaadhaar to Udyam with some categorical amendments. It stands as a news portal on how to enable the registration process of MSME businesses in India. Any enterprise can get register merely based on Aaadhaar number of the registering party; other details are to be self-declared. The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises announced this new process in June 2020. For eligibility, the enterprises that are engaged in manufacturing, production, processing of goods, or providing or render services to get themselves registered for Udyam.

Benefits of Udyam Registration

Udyam registration serves as a backbone of benefits for medium and small-sized businesses across India. Considering the contribution made by small and medium enterprises in the country’s economic growth, the government has taken into consideration multiple benefits for this segment.

The foremost benefit that it draws to your business is that you can effortlessly get it registered for inclusion in the State and Central Government business schemes. It would enable you to avail of the benefits of government-run projects.

Other benefits of Udyam are:

Udyog Aaaadhaar is now Udyam with some amendments. The new features in Udyam registration are:

Insights: Udyam registration

Udyam registration is a fully online and paperless process based on self-declaration. No document of proof is required to register for udyam.

Some key points to consider while filing for udyam registration:

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