Navigation of information through Data Centre Parks: Budget 2020

With the announcement of Budget 2020, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman revealed for the ministry discussions, about the need for forming a robust mechanism for transmission of data locally.

The Government shall soon notify a new policy, engaging the private sector to help the government form data center parks in the country.

During the speech, the Finance Minister said
“It is now a cliché—’data is the new oil’—and it is true that analytics, fintech, and internet of things (IoT) are changing the way we deal with our lives,”
“To take advantage of this, I propose to bring out soon a policy to enable (the) private sector to build data center parks throughout the country. It will enable our firms to skilfully incorporate data in every step of their value chains.”

Finance Minister also said about the transformation of India to a New Digital India, where, with coming to the era of technology, the country needs the uninterrupted flow of data transmission and technology.

Also moving from space of job search to job creation, technologies establishing a business of start-ups including the AI (Artificial Intelligence), Internet of things (IoT), DNA data storage, quantum computing, etc also requires a trusted and data management authority.

Datacenter parks are building blocks of a wide area data storage and transmission network.

Datacenter parks hold structures comprising of huge firewall systems, storage, and data transmission technology, switches, etc. These structures stake data services, storage, and external data solutions, end-to-end connectivity and drive many clouds & off base applications.

Enabling spread of connectivity, Finance Minister announced for allocation of Rs. 6000 crore to BharatNet to link 1 lakh gram panchayats in 2020 and Rs 8000 crore for the development of quantum technologies.

Announcing in the Budget 2020, Finance Minister presented for proposals in queue for formation of digital mechanisms for issue of export credit, faceless assessment of taxes, corporatization of ports & their listing on stock exchanges, creation of online facilities for education, reversion of export duties on cloud basis, etc which all require a stable data handling support to be provided by localized Data center parks.

The government is looking forward to forming a cloud investment cell to provide free investment advisory and clearances at the state level.

Formation of data center parks in the country also takes on the Personal Protection Data bill which suggested for all personal data to be stored on Indian servers which are currently collected and used by big foreign companies Facebook, Google, etc.

Currently, there are no big data centers in the country either managed by any entity private or public. The proposal for building data centers around the country will going to benefit tech service companies.

While, the inclusion of data centers in government policy and data framework has been readily accepted by the private sector, although it will be more challenging for the Indian entities to inculcate costly affairs, high power consumption, and wide area network connectivity in their respective data center model without the support of the public sector.

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