Tax planning objectives

What are the tax planning’s objectives?

Tax planning is an integrated course of working with all your tax worries and finding the most effective tax-saving solutions. A tax planner makes use of all possible available deductions, exemptions, allowances and legal sections feasible as per the law, having a possibility to lower down your tax liability. This is what tax planning is all about.

It doesn’t matter how effective be your start-up accounting services or how well you manage your investments – for perfect tax goal landing, there is always a need to set up some financial tax planning objectives.

How can tax planning objectives optimize my tax goals?

Well implemented tax planning objectives result in:

– Easy receipt of tax benefits eligible from invested instruments.

– Submission of well-furnished returns and accurate information to the department.

– Early receipt and adjustment of information related to applicable laws and updates before final tax submission.

– Easy compliance of amended tax rules.

Tax Planning Objectives

Reduction of Tax Liability: The first and the foremost thing of setting up tax planning objectives is to compare the probable transactions with the estimated and analyzed tax applicable to find break route in between. While the state wants the maximum tax to be deposited, the taxpayer prior needs come of saving it for his family benefit. So, for the taxpayer, his objective is obviously to supersede i.e. to make attempts to source ways for reducing taxes for the state.

Minimal Litigation: A taxpayer on a high note expects his tax guide to low down the possibility of legal litigations on him. The taxpayer should also well inform his tax advisor about all investments plans that are to be made in the future and should take some legal advice before planning for the period. With all prior precautions taken, the taxpayer can save himself of legal harassment and all hardships of litigation.

Economic Stability: This is much more about doing for prospering with the economy. All taxes legally due, if paid pre-planned without any hustle, creates more productive investment in the economy with which the taxpayer also prospers.

Productivity: A Tax planning objective is all about channelizing funds from taxable sources to income generating plans. Tax planning is a measure to identify taxpayer awareness towards tax compliances. Productive investment planning if done in the government opted sources will create much better tax saving options.

Growth with the economy: Once you plan your finance growth with the appropriate tax charts and if your money is going in the right direction for circulation, your business grows with the economy. The overall growth of the economy depends on how you and your tax planner estimates generation and dealing of only white money in work culture.

Tax Planning in India

Indian tax laws provide several opportunities and provisions to the taxpayers to wide up their tax exemption bracket. However, the current scenario for tax planning objectives in India binds them in:

Individual Tax Objectives

– Claiming deductions as provided under Section 80C to Section 80U

– Getting Assert tax claims on house rent paid (Section 80GG)

– Usage of tax loopholes like in food coupons in individual salary, medical expenses claims, travel allowances up to Rs 800 p.m. etc.

– Deductions for home loan payment of interest and premium

– Exemptions for Donations made etc.

Corporate Tax Planning Objectives         

Entrepreneurs for feasible taxation has looked out many common ways of taking deductions out of authorities like putting in deductions for the health of employees, office expenses, retirement benefits, charitable contributions etc. Proper estimation of tax for corporate tax structuring is essential as:

– It helps to estimate and disclose correct information to the IT department.

– Reduce chances of litigations and tax losses.

– Reduces ignorance against applicable tax laws and changes.

– Help to estimate better plans which can be altered in the future.

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